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“engaged.eu” event of the European Week 05/03 – 05/15 2013!

„Engaged.eu“enabled us to bring a series of events in the framework of this year’s European Week into existence that presented examples of social commitment in Middle and Eastern Europe to the public in Dresden (and Saxony). Click here for pictures! The presentations, debates and exhibitions reflected a typically European variety of social, ecological and cultural … Continue reading

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„Banská Bystrica – a small town in the big Europe” 6.5.2013

Banská Bystrica is an old mining town with a modern flair and is also the third biggest city in Slovakia. The growing young town is being often considered as an example for a student city in Europe, however it has to deal with some social problems. The most of the investments and innovations received from … Continue reading

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“Pinsk – a look outside of the Pripyat Marshes” 7.5.2013

Unlike the very similarly sounding capital city Minsk, the life in the city of Pinsk with its 130.000 inhabitants is rather quite. Probably the reason is the Pripyat Marshes, the biggest marsh region in Europe. This region is surely leading the already isolated Belarus to an to extensive insulation, particularly towards the west influence. Tatsiana … Continue reading

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