Winterreisen – North Korea (Dirk Peisker)

North Korea – a flight into the year “102” The great leader comrade Kim Il Sung, who passed away in 1994, is the eternal head of state of North Korea and he is omnipresent. The country is torn by contrast and alternates between a humble modern spirit and poverty. Even the scarce number of tourists … Continue reading

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Winterreisen – Krakow (Anna-Maria Hantschke)

For almost one year,  Anna-Maria Hantschke explored the hidden backyards and alleys of Krakow, one of the oldest cities in Poland. She tells about the myths in Krakow, the two faces of the city and about those sights,that cannot be found in any travel guide.   03/12/2014, 8pm Atelier Schwartz, Förstereistr. 3, 01099 Dresden Free … Continue reading

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Winterreisen – Ukraine (Simon Wolf)

A spontaneous travel through Volhynia, Podolia, Galicia, Lemberg, Lutsk, Iwano-Frankiwsk, Ternopil, Mykolajiw and Odessa. A trip to the Black sea, to the villages and the FortMissia Festival on the Schengen’s Border. Balancing between the pale glinting of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, the frighteningly good preserved slivers of the communisms and a completely unique understanding of National … Continue reading

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Winterreisen – Syria, Jordan and Lebanon (Mirko Sennewald)

The Revolutions in the Arab world have changed this region. Just before the war broke out we visited Beirut, Damascus, Aleppo, Amman, Petra and the Red Sea. Our mission: following the trails of Armenia in Lebanon and Syria, and transforming it in a documentary , which we actually never finished. All the people that we … Continue reading

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Winterreisen – Altai (Marcus Oertel)

Russian Tibet: A Travel through the Mountains of Altai In the summer of 2013, after Nowosibirks and Barnaul, we headed directly to the Altain Mountains, also known as Rissian Tibet, where Russia borders on Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia. This is a region with thousands of years of cultural history, a region populated by the proud … Continue reading

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