Arusyak Baldryan

Club nEUROPA: register for free/26.-28.9./conference cultural exchange&musicbusiness in Saxony&Eastern Europe

*nEUROPA unites people who accept and actively support the peaceful, tolerant exchange of art and culture* In this sense Kultur Aktiv invites YOU and musicians, music and cultural managers, NGO representatives, donors and cultural politicians from Saxony and abroad for a club-meeting in Dresden, 26.-28.9.2014. Once you signed in you will enjoy completely for free … Continue reading

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EVS 2013 in portrait: Arusyak

Hallo-Barev-Privet-Privit –Djin dobri-Yasu…  This is what I have learnt during the short period of my stay here in Dresden. There is a lot of intercultural exchange, creative people and a big portal for young people to self-realize at KULTUR AKTIV. This is the reason why I am here in Dresden as a volunteer. I am … Continue reading

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